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The Five Most Important Steps in Buying a Home
The Ten Most Important Things You Need to Know Before a Sale Sign Goes Up In Your Yard!

The Five Most Important Steps in Buying a Home

1. Selecting a qualified professional Realtor is the most important first step in the home buying process. In using Gunther Properties to assist you, Gloria will make recommendations on ways to use your time most efficiently from contract to closing.

2. Talk with a lender. If you have not already done so, Gloria will recommend you talk with a lender to determine what price range you can afford and feel comfortable with. They will give you a pre-qualification letter in preparation for your property search so that you have an estimate of what you can afford considering your income and expenses. You may want to talk with several lenders to see what mortgages are available and which one best suits your needs. Before making an offer, your Realtor/Broker may recommend attaching a copy of your pre-qualification letter to the "Offer to Purchase and Contract". This will show the Seller that you are pre-qualified to purchase the property and are a serious Buyer. Depending on how the contract is written, within a designated number of days after it is accepted by both parties and fully executed, you (as a Buyer) may be asked to submit a pre-approval letter to the Seller. This, too, would come from your lending institution and would pre-approve you for a specific type and amount of loan. Most sellers require this in order not to spend unnecessary time on someone who cannot qualify to purchase their home.

3. Check out available properties on this website by specifying the price range, number of bedrooms and other features you wish to have in your new home. By accessing this information you can see what is available and help narrow down your search with your criteria. Also, driving around in different neighborhoods may help you determine where you would like to live and what neighborhood you like most. Things to consider:

  • convenience for all family members
  • proximity to work, school
  • crime rate of the neighborhood
  • types of homes in the neighborhood as to style and size

4. Read the materials given to you. Gloria will go over important information about the home buying process with you. Reading the materials will help you become a more informed buyer. Some of the materials you may be given include the following:
  • "Working with Real Estate Agents” - brochure on different types of agencies (buyer, seller, dual agency) and “who represents whom in the home buying process.
  • “Offer to Purchase and Contract” - form used to make your offer on the property.
  • “Home Inspections” - brochure containing information on why it’s important to order a home inspection before purchasing a home. Having a home inspection done assures you that a qualified professional has evaluated the house for existing defects and problems which could cause you headaches and costs later. You may have a Home Inspection contingency in the Offer to Purchase and Contract in order not to be committed to buying the house if there are system problems found which are unacceptable to you.

5. In working with Gunther Properties information is only a phone call or email away. We keep in close communication with our clients and will keep you informed every step of the way! After meeting with you and determining the criteria for your new home Gloria will do extensive research in preparation for showing you properties which meet your expectations and are within your price range.

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The Ten Most Important Things You Need to Know Before a Sale Sign Goes Up In Your Yard!
Preparation is The Key!

1. Pricing your house or property: Talk with an appraiser or your Realtor. This can be a determining
factor in how quickly your house sells. Detailed information will be provided for you on the price range that comparable houses have sold for in your area. No matter how beautiful your house is, if it is over priced it may sit on the market for a longer than desired time.

2. First impressions are important, so give your house “curb appeal” by trimming trees, removing old plants and flowers and putting in fresh ones. Store RV’s and extra vehicles elsewhere. Paint should look fresh and walkways should be in good repair. This will help make your house look well maintained and cared for when a potential buyer drives up.

3. Make your house easy to show. Houses that require appointments far in advance to show may get shown less. It would be prudent to make your house available to show as much as possible.

4. Clean up: Windows, bedrooms, kitchen and garage should be clean in anticipation of buyers’ visits. Play close attention to the first things they will see, such as a front porch or entry. Clean oil stains on garage floors and on driveways. Eliminate any odors such as tobacco smells by using an air filter and remove all ash trays.

5. Eliminate clutter: Clean out pantries, closets, shelves and cabinets. Remove magazines, mail, newspapers and books off table tops and counters. Less is better as to family pictures, accessories, stacked books, etc. Clean out storage rooms, sheds and garages. Remove out of season items from decks, patios and from around pools.

6. Do repairs: Minor wall and ceiling cracks should be repaired and squeaky gates and hinges oiled. Things such as cracked window panes, missing parts, and cracked tiles should be replaced. Make necessary repairs on appliances you plan to leave. In the long run it will cost less to do it than to give allowances towards the end of negotiations which may affect the maximum price you may get.

7. Turn on the lights: Turn on interior lights or make sure bulbs are bright enough during daylight showings. Make good use of natural light for your room to appear more spacious. Keep window openings open to natural light.

8. Use a lockbox with keys for easy access if the house is vacant. If you are still living there your Realtor will require agents to call first for an appointment. You want Realtors to show your house as much as possible and be able to go directly to it without much hassle. Homes that are shown more often sell faster. Your Realtor will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a lockbox with you.

9. Hire the right real estate professional - one who knows the market and will give buyers and real estate professionals all the information they need to make a decision. The information a buyer cannot get on their own will need to come from you as quickly as possible (Ex: history of utility costs, old documents on the property, etc.). A wise real estate Broker will always tell you what you need to know rather than what they think you want to hear. If your objective is to sell at the highest price as quickly as possible, it would be well to take their advice.

10. Marketing plan: A good real estate professional uses various types of marketing tools. They know that less than 3% of homes sell to buyers who call from an ad, and less than 1% sell at open houses.. They
will put together what works best today for your type home in your market area. A professional will assist
you in obtaining the highest price possible from the best buyer available in the market.

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